About The B2B Pod

This podcast talks about all that is going on in the B2B Industry from tech, practices, services, common concerns of clients and agencies, the outlook for the future and everything in between with experts and thought leaders of this industry. 

Join us as we explore the rich space of this vast industry through a brand new B2B Podcast with some of the biggest names and the brightest minds in our industry.

The Team

Radwa Hassan

Season 1: Host

Margaret Herde

Co-Founder The Pulse of Dubai

Åsa Ferreira

Co-Founder The Pulse of Dubai

Surbhi Dedhia

Content Director
Season 1: Guests

Samah El-Naggar

EMEA Security Digital Marketing Squad Manager, EMEA MSC,

Umesh Malhotra

Senior Director, Demand Generation

Tempo Automation

Karim Fahmy

Global Marcoms & Business Development Consultant

Chris Tremaglio

Digital Demand Generation Strategist

Anthony Riley

Agency President
The MX Group

Jason Gladu

Avani Media

Sunita Hadani

Managing Director
Hadani Group